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With gold prices at all-time highs, many people are cleaning out their old jewelry for cash. But proceed with extreme caution — especially if you find yourself lured by a late-night infomercial promising fast and easy cash for simply mailing your jewelry in a pre-paid plastic envelope.
Ask yourself, would you send cash to someone you don’t know in the mail? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing if you send your gold to one of the many infomercial operations buying gold.
The people who set themselves up in a hotel room for a few nights to buy gold are little better. At least you don’t have to mail the gold, but you’re still dealing with a literally fly-by-night operation.
Many of these companies are paying back consumers just 15% to 20% of the true value of their gold items. That’s a range that most ethical jewelers would describe as “despicable”.
Here at Reusch Jewelers, we will give you a fair price for your gold, whether it’s jewelry (yellow or white gold, in any condition), dental gold, gold nuggets, gold coins, or anything else that contains gold. We also buy platinum, sterling silver, and diamonds.
When you bring in your items, we will first inspect them for the content of the gold. Pure gold is much too soft for jewelry, so the gold is hardened with other metals. 14 karat gold, for example, contains about 58.5% pure gold, and 41.5% other metals, whereas 10 karat gold contains 41.5% gold and 58.5% other metals. We will then weigh your items and calculate the value of your gold based on the current gold price. We use a special calculator that is updated live with the current gold price, so you can be sure that you are getting a fair price.
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